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An expert completes a project the way it’s supposed to be done. A true master of their trade goes above and beyond what’s expected.

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Snip the ends on an angle

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Angles make it easier

When installing corner beads be sure to snip the ends on an angle. It makes things easier for the taper.

Submitted by Steve (@builttoughtooltalk)

Shadow Lines

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Trim makes a difference

Talking about mouldings with my clients wasn't even really a thought until recently. Trim plays a huge part in the overall look of your renovation project. Far too often contractors roll up with the Home Depot ProPak because "that's what's there already" and another job goes by without any thought regarding trim. The upgrade cost isn't that much more when considering the the overall job cost and how it will help transform the space.

Submitted by @thekeystonecarpenter

Miter and Tile

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Miter perfection

Miters are not just about wood. How you position tile and where you put miters is key to your layout.

Submitted by @lundgren.trimcorp

Domino Joints

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Domino joint

Here's what a domino joint looks like. One of the major advantages of using this method over a scarf joint is that it's very quick and easy to install and align. But more importantly it lets you pry your boards together, giving you a very tight reinforced joint that will stay that way for a long time. Setting a chalk line helps keep things nice and straight over a long run and makes aligning the butt joint even simpler.

Submitted by Seth Vyn (@sethvyn)

Layout Method

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Keep 'em all in the loop

We recently stopped making sketches of our block layouts. They were never accurate enough and occasionally got lost in the shuffle. We now take photos and send them to plumbers, electricians, and any other subs that might be involved. We have already installed grab bar blocking for customers planning for the future and sent them the photo to keep for reference. In most cases we use 3/4 scrap plywood for towel bars, towel rings, mirrors and toilet paper holders. For any type of grab bar we install full 2x material.

Submitted by Brian Artinger (@artinger_and_son_gc)

Laser Precision

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Laser precision

When we are installing a lot of doors close together or in a hall where you can see the trim I always want to make sure everything is lined up and level. When installing these doors I want to make sure the top of the jambs were all level. This will allow for the trim to be perfectly level also and, ultimately, a better finished product.

Submitted by Thomas Murdock (@murdockconstruction)

Everything Lines Up

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Everything lines up eventually

I love it when a plan comes together. Weeks before we hung the Sheetrock and ran the trim, I had decided that I wanted the bottom of the switch plate to line up with the top of the wainscot. It takes a little extra planning but it's pretty satisfying when I see it happen.

Submitted by David Scott Clark (@baristabuildingcompany)

Locate Light Houses

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Perfection take planning

Why do we take the time to locate our down light housings ourselves? Invariably, our definition of straight and the electrician's definition don't quite line up. We take the 30 minutes to setup a laser and get them perfect now. Take the time now. Perfection is attainable, it just takes planning.

Submitted by Scott Dellinger (@bellhaven_housewrights)

RIP Buddy

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RIP Buddy

Recently I had to lay down some samples for the homeowners to choose from. Normally, I’ll lay down five colors of impact oil. I decided to do something special for them. This is because two days ago they unexpectedly lost their youngest dog. He unknowingly had a tumor in his chest that ruptured on Thursday night and caused internal bleeding. And by Friday morning they were having to make the difficult decision to put him down. They came by on Friday morning to check in on our progress and I could immediately tell that something was wrong. It had been a long night and he had lost his best friend! I could feel the weight of his loss! I felt so bad!So instead of just laying down five squares of color, I decided to do something special for them. Something to memorialize Buddy. So I freehanded a paw for Buddy. The homeowners really seemed to appreciate it and thought it was beautiful! So this one goes out to Buddy! RIP!

Submitted by Stephen King (@sapwoodworking)


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