All Work and No Play Vol. 2

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Volume 2

You can't have fun at work? Apparently, these guys never got the memo! Life is what you make of it.

Chalk Prank

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Very funny, guys

I gotta admit that this prank is pretty awesome. Pour a little chalk-line chalk in an unsuspecting coworkers gloves (mine in this case).  It takes some time to get off your hands trust me.

Submitted by Brad Gosselink (@gosselinkfinecarpentry)


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2017: A Skylight Odyssey

It was a super productive week on site at our 127 project. Mark and the @skyluxeroofing crew wrapped up the roof including this  4X6 foot fixed unit. They got it installed just as the sun was setting and this skylight made a massive difference in the master suite. Thank you Gentlemen.

Submitted by @hardcorerenos

Good place to take a nap

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As good a place as any

Hey, David...whatcha' doin' in the fireplace?  I guess there's always a place to catch up on your Instagram feed followed up by  little post-lunchtime nap.

Submitted by Mark Henrichson (@markhenrichson)

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Mothra's revenge

Jeff was being attacked by a moth the other night, and I was lucky enough to capture the epic battle.

Submitted by @rock_steady_drywall

Reality check

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Story pole

That awkward moment when someone cuts you a 2X4 at 68 inches...and you realize that you are not as tall as you thought you were.

Submitted by R Brett Mothershead (@dumba**carpenter)

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River Crossing

Here is the conclusion of Bryce's attempted river crossing. This is how the Vikings crossed the fjords back in the day, or so he claims. To be honest, I never thought he'd make it.

Submitted by Jason DiMalta (@framersfirst)

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The freakin weekend

It's Friday night and for me it could not have come sooner!! We have had a pretty stressful week and I'm glad it's over!

Submitted by Mike Di Martino (@creatixcontracting)

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Tape's got hops

Love the bounce there is to a roll of FibaFuse!

Submitted by @tuff_mudders_drywall