Construction Critters Vol. 1

Construction Critters

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Volume 1

From pests to pets: Construction Critters is a collection of wildlife encounters from the darkest jungle region that is the construction jobsite. We also added our favorite images of those tamer companions who wait patiently every day for us to return back to the den.


Watch Dog

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Watch dog

My brother's dog Flo doing a good job warning off anyone trying to use my tools.

Submitted by Thomas North (@northwellsconstruction)

Spider in my eye

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Blinded by the... spider?

There I was having a productive day. Then I got a spider in my eye.

Submitted by @art_turo_

Snake and Shovel

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Too close for comfort

This guy was hiding a couple steps off my path. I didn't see him because I was carrying material on my shoulder, Then I heard a loud rattling, 3-1/2-footer.

Submitted by Justin Caraway (@trim_guy)

Slimey Muddy Salamanders

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Their lucky day

These little blue salamanders and about six more saved from the the bottom of our pier support holes.

Submitted by Euan Lowson (@renossance_inc)

Safety Bee

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Bee safe, guys

Pro's of yellow safety vests: make you clearly visible to everyone. Cons of yellow safety vests: may attract bees?

Submitted by Craig Morgan (@camorg)

Bull Elk on the Job

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Unexpected visitor

Mid-day selfie with a bull elk!

Submitted by (@heathroairport)

a little birdie told me

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A little birdie told me

Took a quick break and played with these birds up north this weekend. Dummies thought I had food.

Submitted by Mathew Butler (@groundupgc)

Jobsite or Batcave

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Furnace or batcave?

Surprise occupants found in the furnace during a home inspection. I think they were more surprised to see me than I was to see them.

Submitted by Kyle Fisher (@fisherhomeswi)