Spray your seals

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Keep seals as good as new

We've had some people asking what we use to keep our automatic taping tools nice and lubricated. We recommend using a silicone spray on your seals and any moving parts. This helps keep everything moving smoothly and prevents your seals from drying up. This is a WD-40 brand of Silicone spray. Make sure to not use light lubricants like standard WD-40 because they will cause the seals to harden.

Submitted by @drywallnation

Easy screw container

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DIY screw container

Here's a little DIY tip. Cut some of the top off a windshield washer jug. Load it with screws. BAM!!! Easy to carry bulk screw container.

Submitted by @builttoughtooltalk

Ceiling mud

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Tinted mud

When I mud my ceilings and especially when I apply a skim coat like here I usually tint my drywall mud a color. I find it helps me see if I've missed a spot and small patches that I might otherwise miss on final sanding ... A real pain when you find that out as your rolling your prime check! I know a number of others do this as well.

Submitted by Geoff Fandwick (@ontariostippleremoval)

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Create a make-shift dispenser

Quick tip when working with lots of No-Coat... Screw the box to the floor, this will prevent it from falling over or dragging as you pull the No-Coat out. Give it a try, works awesome.

Submitted by @drywallnation

Tape the end of the blade

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Prevent cutting too deep

When I use my OMT to cut drywall, I tape the end of the blade off at 1/2” to make sure I don’t nick a pipe or wire immediately behind the drywall. Not that I’ve ever done that before...

Submitted by David Scott Clark (@baristabuildingcompany)

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Use the power of vibration

5/8” going up on the ceilings. Remember: whack the stud, not the rock.

Submitted by TK Drywall (@tkdrywall)

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Just out for a rip are ya bud?

Our guy Danny is back at it again. Not only can he run with a taper and fly on the flat boxes, but he can also rip drywall like a boss. Awesome job man.

Submitted by @drywallnation

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Advance on the wall

Quick tip for dry spots with the automatic taper.

Submitted by @prctaping

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Prevent Cracks

Don’t forget to slip in a floater when seaming beads.

Submitted by @entity_contracting