Pro Tip: How to Get Teflon Tape Into Tight Spaces

It can be difficult to roll out teflon tape in tight spaces. Learn a great way to get the job done here.

Construction Pro Tips

Teflon tape, or “plumbers tape” is an essential part of creating water-tight and secure connections between pipes. If a pipe fitting is in a cramped location, though, it can be tricky to get the Teflon tightly wrapped around it. Here’s a tip: first, wrap a bit of the plumber’s tape around the eraser end of a pencil (number 2 or mechanical, both work). Then use the pencil to wind the Teflon around the fitting, looping it around and then snapping the tape off once enough has been applied.

To see this tip in action, watch the video below. Then check out these seven tips every plumber should know.

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