Jobsite Surprises That Will Make You Cringe

We wouldn't want to walk into these fiascoes...

Filled up vacuum

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The vac should be emptied soon

My Bosch vac was starting to sound angry at me...this was probably why..

A tool belt full of knives

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Can I borrow a knife?

Looked down into my belt one day and was shocked at my growing collection... I always steal a knife (or pencil) from my guys... this is what I end up with.

Ladder stuck

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Ladder lockup

Sometimes, you can get a little too "in the zone".

Broken Hatchet

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Well, that happened.

Submitted by Aaron Pearse (@theroofinglife)

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Of course...

Always love finding a broken tile after getting the whole job done...

Clean up your mess

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What a mess

When did it become normal for plumbers and electricians to drill their holes and walk away leaving this mess for the other trades to deal with? To those of you in plumbing , electrical or HVAC that actually clean up, thumbs up to you guys.

Surprising Vent Location

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Man eater

Fell into this vent this weekend and did some nice damage to my leg. Not a fan of  this particular vent placement.

dryer vent mistake

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Smells like Snuggle

If you were curious, this is what it looks like when someone vents the dryer into the crawl space and no one questions it for years after.

Clean Your Registers

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Maintenance people!

Check out these condensers! Two years worth of build up. After the cleaning the head pressure returned to normal.