Next Time Hire a Pro Vol. 6

Next Time, Hire A Pro

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Vol 6

In this installment of home inspector nightmares, you’ll be amazed by how much ceiling fan blades can droop. Plus, as usual, more stupid (or ingenious) ways to use duct tape!

Duct Tape Wall

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Duct Tape Wall

Duct tape is not a good substitute for grout, but we suspect that this tape is actually holding the tile on the wall.

Chevy Vent Cap

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Hubcap Vent Cap

Home centers do carry roof vent caps. Of course they’re not as cool as this one (unless you’re a Ford fan).

Flashing in a can

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Flashing in a Can

Spray foam can be used for many things—flashing is not one of them.

Four Filters

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The More the Merrier!

Stacking more cheap filters doesn’t necessarily add up to better filtration. It will likely create too much resistance and burn up your fan motor. Best to buy the filter that fits your furnace.

Hanging Fan

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Hardhat Area

It’s never a good idea to hang a ceiling fan from a hook. They make ceiling fan braces that make the job safe and easy. 

Hockey Puck in the fascia

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Wayne Gretzky’s Fascia Repair

What else ya gunna do when you run out of caulk? Hockey pucks are waterproof. Right? There are better ways to repair and replace soffit.

hot fan

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Salvador Dali’s Ceiling Fan

Cheap indoor fans don't like high humidity.

ice dam control

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Toboggan ice-dam solution

Granted, this is quite a clever setup. But it seems like it might be less work to fix the ice-dam problem! And is that a beer bong?

jacked up house

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Jacked-up house

It’s important to understand load-bearing posts.

Leaky TPR Valve

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What’s a TPR valve?

Not willing to be outwitted by a water heater, Jim decided that the TPR (temperature, pressure relief) valve should only drip when he wanted it to drip. A TPR valve is an important safety feature, and the photo shown above is NOT an appropriate solution. This baby could explode like a bomb.

Joseph Pasaturo

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All employees MUST wash their hands before returning to work!

Genius! With this setup, you can wash your hands and your feet at the same time! A small bathroom requires a certain amount of planning.

Kitchen Fan

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Indoor kitchen venting

Marion loved the smell of her cooking so much, it seemed a waste to vent all of the wonderful aromas outside. Generally, most people prefer kitchen venting to exhaust outside the house.

Ladder on bucket

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Brilliant extension ladder leg extender

Another clever use for a five-gallon bucket, just prior to kicking the bucket. Please be careful with extension ladders, folks.

Valve Repair

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Inexpensive fill valve repair

Replace the fill valve or cover it with a plastic decide.