Pro Tip: Control Dust While Cutting Tile

Keep dust out of the air and your lungs by turning a five-gallon bucket into a tile cutting station.

cutting tile on a bucket connected to a vacuumConstruction Pro Tips

Cut down on dust

The amount of dust created while cutting tile with a grinder is not just an annoying nuisance- it is potentially dangerous and could cause long-term lung problems. Here’s a simple way to limit the amount of dust you kick up into the air while cutting through tiles. Use a hole saw to cut a hole the size of a shop-vac hose into the side of a five-gallon bucket.┬áThen stick the end of the hose into the hole and turn the vacuum on (after making sure that it is set to suck air in and not blow air out). Once the shop-vac is running, use the top of the five-gallon bucket as a cutting station for your tile. You might end up with a little dust in the air, but most of it will be sucked down into the bucket or into the vacuum itself.

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