Pro Tip: How To Tie Down Tarps With Broken Grommets

Don't tie down tarps through broken or missing grommet holes. Use this method instead.

Construction Pro Tips

Trying to tie down a tarp through the holes of broken or missing grommets is going to be a bad time. The plastic of the tarp will tear pretty easily without the metal support of the grommet, leaving loose connections and tarps susceptible to flapping open in any sort of wind.

If you are in a pinch and don’t have time to repair grommets with a kit, the best way to tie down a tarp with a broken grommet is to take a small pebble or rock and bunch up a small bit of the tarp around it. While holding the pebble in place, take the string you are using to tie the tarp down and wind it around the pebble in the tarp. Then tighten the string, tie a knot and there you go- a secure connection in the place of a broken grommet that won’t fail.

To see this tip in action, watch the video below:

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