Pro Tip: The Best Way to Pick Up Spilled Screws

Picking up screws that have been spilled across the floor is a major pain. Learn the best method for picking them back up here.

Construction Pro Tips

There’s a very specific sinking feeling that comes when you see an open box of screws plummeting towards the ground, ready to spill its contents in every direction and create a mess that will be a major annoyance to pick up. Here’s a way to make that picking-up process a little more bearable and way more convenient.

First, grab a plastic sandwich bag or something similar- a more heavy-duty bag will be helpful if you’re dealing with particularly sharp screws. Turn the baggy inside-out and drop in a rare earth magnet (it doesn’t necessarily have to be circular like the one pictured above).

Construction Pro Tips

Then, pick up the screws using the magnet, sticking them against both the magnet and the turned-out interior of the baggie. Once all of the screws have been picked up you just have to turn the bag back outside-in and remove the magnet, leaving all of your spilled screws already contained in a bag. You can either keep them stored in this new container or return them to the box from which they spilled.

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