Pro Tip: Scoop Up Excess Glue With A Straw

Learn more about how to clean excess glue from wood joints.

Bottle of glue on its side next to piece of straw | Construction Pro Tips
Thomas Fenega/Construction Pro Tips

Cleaning glue “squeeze-out” out of a 90-degree miter is an essential part of woodworking. The glue has to go, otherwise it will prevent stain from bonding to the wood and just looks bad. A great way to clean glue out of a joint like this, believe it or not, is with a straw. That’s right, a straw- the kind you get at any fast food restaurant. Just run the straw along the joint, and any excess glue will be scooped up. We recommend that you then (lightly) sand the area where the glue was after it dries, just to be sure that any stain applied later will be able to fully bond to the wood.

To see this tip in action, watch the video below.

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