Pro Tip: How To Draw A Circle With a Square

Draw a close-to-perfect circle on a piece of wood with nothing but two nails, a framing square, and a pencil.

Drawing a circle with a framing square | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Most people know that it’s virtually impossible to draw a perfect circle freehand. But what they don’t know is that all it takes a few common jobsite tools to get (pretty close) to circular perfection.

Step One: Pound two nails into a board. The distance between them will be the diameter of your circle.

Step Two: Position a framing square against the nails.

Step Three: Hold a pencil in the corner of the framing square.

Step Four: Rotate the pencil with the framing square as a guide.

Step Five: Once you have completed the first half of the circle, flip the framing square and repeat steps three and four.

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