How To Unstick A Frozen Lock

Silicon spraying into a lock | Construction Pro Tips
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Unlock a frozen lock

Extreme colds can cause the internal gears and mechanisms of a lock to literally freeze together, making it impossible to unlock. So what should a construction pro do when he needs to get into a tool chest or trailer that’s clamped shut with a frozen lock? One quick fix is to grab a can of warm silicone and squirt some directly into the keyhole. The warm silicone will melt the ice, and you’ll end up with a lubed lock as a bonus. One short squirt of silicon is all it should take to get the lock unstuck and get access to your tools. Warm up the can indoors or in your warm vehicle. Never use an open flame to warm the can. We like silicone because it doesn’t attract dirt like other multi-purpose lubricants do. To see this tip in action, watch the video below.

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