No-Gimmick Fence Clamps

You may think this woodworking gadget is a gimmick at first glance, but it works!

Woodworkers, like anglers, are notorious suckers for the latest can’t-miss widget to make them more successful. And if you hang out at woodworking stores, you know there’s no shortage of weird gadgets to blow money on. Well, here’s one that really works. It’s a pair of Universal Fence Clamps from Rockler Woodworking. They’re a great substitute for other clamps because they’re totally out of the way. That’s really nice when you’re milling wood in the upright position and ordinary clamps just won’t work. Use them for dadoing on the table saw or router table, or anywhere else you need a sacrificial fence. Installation is as easy as drilling two 1/4-in. holes in the top of the wooden fence. You have time for that, right?

Originally Published on The Family Handyman