Pro Tip: Toe-Nailing Made Easy

Staring a toe nail from the bottom of the board | Construction Pro Tips

Toenail… backwards?

When toe-nailing (or toe-screwing in this case), you normally want the screw to emerge at the middle of the bottom of the board you’re screwing in to. But driving in a screw at an angle and making it come through in the right spot sometimes seems like it can be half guesswork, half luck. There’s a way to toe-screw that eliminates the luck factor; just do it backwards. Driving in from the underside of the board first allows you to control and accurately place the screw exactly where you want it to be. Once the hole has been created from the bottom side, just back it out and drive in from the top.

To see this tip in action, check out the video below. Also be sure to check out these additional fastener tips.