Pro Tip: The Best Way to Protect Hacksaw Blades

Extend the life of your hacksaw blades with this easy-to-make blade cover.

The typical hacksaw blade should last a while. Depending on how often the saw is used, the blade should only need to be changed at most every few months and more typically should last closer to a year. However, one of the things that can greatly shorten the lifespan of a hacksaw blade is if it gets bumped or dropped, dulling a section of the teeth. Just a few dulled inches of a hacksaw blade will make the saw much more difficult to use and could lead to the blade skipping or “skating” across the material you are cutting more often.

There’s a simple way to keep this from happening, as long as you’ve got some foam pipe insulation laying around. Just use a utility knife to cut the foam down to the length of your hacksaw blade. The pipe insulation will be able to easily slip on and off the blade, providing a convenient cover that will protect the blade from getting dented or dinged up. This foam cover also lets you store your hacksaw in a bucket with other tools without having to worry about cutting yourself on the blade as you rummage around.

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