Pro Tip: The Best Way to Clean Drywall Knives

There's an easy solution for when your drywall knives get coated in caked-on mud.

Drywall being sanded off of a drywall knife | Construction Pro Tips

Get rid of caked-on drywall

In the best case scenario, drywall knives get cleaned pretty much as soon as all of the mudding work is done. Drywall mud is (obviously) much easier to clean up before it dries and hardens. But sometimes life gets in the way and that best-case scenario just doesn’t happen. But don’t worry if you end up with knives that are so coated in caked-on mud that they’ve become practically useless. Instead, take out your favorite drywall sander and get to work. Pick a grit around 120 and just sand off the dried-on mud exactly the same as you would the mud off of a wall. Just make sure you aren’t too aggressive and don’t end up damaging the blade.

To see this tip in action, check out the video below:

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