The Best Way To Roll Up Tie-Down Straps

Rolled up tow strap connected to notched dowel | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

The best way to prevent your tie-down straps from becoming a big tangled mess is to roll them up when your done using them, and here’s a simple trick to help you do just that. Create a “specialty tool” that is really just a 1/4-in. dowel with a notch in the end. Make the notch at least as long as the width of the strap. Stick the dowel into a power drill with the notched part sticking out. Now, all you need to do is slide the end of the strap through the notch in the dowel and spin the drill at a gradual pace. The dowel will spin the strap in a slow circle and wrap it into a neat circular roll. To see this tip in action, watch the video below.

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