Pro Tip: Why Construction Pros Should Save Their Shoeboxes

Getting dust in your eyes is not productive and potentially dangerous. Learn an easy way to prevent it here.

catching dust from a drill in a shoeboxConstruction Pro Tips

Do your eyes a favor

Getting dust in your eyes is potentially dangerous and just all-around not very much fun. And when you are drilling in the ceiling, sometimes even the best eye protection does not quite seem to be able to catch all of the little particles that flutter down from above, intent on finding and lodging themselves in your pupils.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix. The next time you have to drill a bunch of holes into a ceiling, grab a left over shoebox and poke your drill bit through it so that the box’s opening faces the same way as the point of the bit. Then, attach the drill bit to your drill and get to work. The box will catch a majority of the dust that falls from your newly-created hole, saving both your eyes and time on clean up.

For a demonstration of this tip, watch the video below:

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