Caught on Camera: Construction Crew Rescues Burro From Sinkhole

A construction crew stepped up to rescue a burrowing burro that dug themselves into a little hole.

A construction crew came to the rescue when a burro (AKA a wild donkey) was found trapped in a sinkhole near a road in California last Friday. According to the Los Angeles Times, a concerned citizen called animal services when they discovered the trapped animal.

“I’m not sure exactly how that occurred,” said John Welsh, a spokesman for the Riverside Department of Animal Services. “I think it was just really kind of a fluke situation.”

It is believed that the burro slipped into the hole sometime during the night or early morning before it was discovered. Animal control officers were quick to arrive on the scene and were set to dig the burro out of the hole when a nearby construction crew with excavating equipment offered to help out. The workers then proceeded to use their equipment to carefully dig a ramp out of the sinkhole.

Once the ramp had been dug out, the trapped animal was able to climb free of the hole and quickly found its way to a nearby herd of other burros. A report from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services clarifies that the burro did not seem to be injured in any way following the incident. Other details surrounding this bizarre scenario were less clear.

“It’s uncertain how long the critter was in the hole,” reads the report. “It may have been a male burro, but we are uncertain of the sex of the animal.”

November has been a busy month for construction workers digging up strange discoveries. Earlier this month, a construction crew helped uncover a set of fossilized mammoth bones.