Colorado set to start exploring possible hyperloop line

Colorado is set to start a feasibility study into building a hyperloop line after being named as one of the strongest potential locations worldwide. Three other US routes have been named among the 10 strongest contenders for a high-speed transportation link using Hyperloop technology.

The US routes identified in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge are Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo; Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh; Miami-Orlando; and Dallas-Houston. Proposals in the United Kingdom, Mexico, India and Canada are also among the 10 winners.

Hyperloop One is the only company in the world that has built a full-scale Hyperloop test system. The idea behind the technology is to load passengers and cargo into a pod, and accelerate it gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The pod quickly lifts above the track using magnetic levitation and would glide at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag.

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