Construction Worker Saves Choking Toddler

Quick, decisive action by a construction pro was enough to save the life of a young girl with a coin stuck in her throat.

Shutterstock/ Satenik Guzhanina

In the construction industry, you never know exactly what’s going to happen when you go to work in the morning. This was especially true for Lewis Everson, a scaffolder working in Plymouth, England, last week. According to Fox News, the British construction worker was going about his business when he saw a woman run out of her apartment, shouting for help. Her 2-year-old daughter had just attempted to swallow a coin she had found in the kitchen and was now choking.

“She put a coin in her mouth and tried to swallow it. I tried hitting her back and my older child couldn’t find my phone so I started panicking. I went to the door screaming for help,” the mother, a woman named Jordane Hersey, told Fox News.

Luckily, Everson had previously undergone first aid training and knew how to handle the situation.

“There were a few of us. We heard some screaming and didn’t know where it was coming from. We ran over and saw the baby choking,” he said to Fox. “It all happened so quickly. The baby was OK—she just had a big hand-print on her back.”

Everson was able to dislodge the coin by striking the child several times in the back while another nearby worker called the ambulance. The daughter is now reportedly in good condition thanks to Everson’s quick, decisive action.

“I am so thankful they were there and did what they did. I lost a son at 17 months old six years ago and it brought it all back,” added Hersey.