It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s A Building Inspector?

Man repelling down tall building

In New York City, Local Law 11 requires periodic inspection of building facades. A close inspection of a 10-ft. x 40-ft. section of the exterior, usually performed on scaffolding, is all that’s required. But a 400-sq.-ft. surface-inspection on an 80-story building might not always be adequate. Enter CANY, a New York firm that takes a more comprehensive approach.

Fearless building inspector

Using ropes (and nerves of steel) CANY inspectors can examine entire building facades, regardless of how high they may be. CANY inspectors not only assess how an existing building envelope is performing, they’re also hired to monitor quality control on new construction projects. Their customers include: architects, building and property owners, property managers, contractors, manufacturers, and consulting firms.

Woman jumps off of tall building

Rather than training repelling experts to become architects and engineers, CANY trains its architects and engineers to become repelling experts. This requires extensive training, a three-tier test, up to 1500 rope hours, and (again) nerves of steel. So if your knees get a little wobbly when you get to that third step of the ladder, an inspector position at CANY may not be for you.