The Home Depot Helps Kids With Science Fair Projects

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If your child is one of the millions of K through 12th-grade students that participates in school science fair projects, help may be just a click away.

The Home Depot and Discovery Education, together offer Science Fair Central, a website designed to provide materials to students participating in science fair projects and STEAM (science, technology, engineering and math) events. The website will not only ignite their curiosity, but will help them discover and explore projects that are innovative, creative and impactful.

The Science Fair Central website, which launched in 2017, helps students with resources to get projects started, along with valuable information on scientific process and engineering presentations. In addition, students can access resources that will help them manage their projects and present them to science fair judges. The best part? It’s free! Project ideas include everything from plants, animals and weather to environmental issues, health and space topics.

If you’re a parent who struggles to help your child with science projects, this is also a website for you! There is helpful information for parents on how to better assist students in their efforts and what a completed project should look like.

Educators can also benefit from the website, as it offers a “Maker Corner,” including classroom activities and material lists to help guide students in their lessons.

“Increasingly, our world is being shaped by science and STEAM,” said Lori McFarling, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer, Discovery Education. “Discovery Education applauds The Home Depot for their commitment to helping today’s students develop a greater understanding and appreciation of these topics, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on our joint endeavor to support the success of K-12 students nationwide.”

Science Fair Central also features other resources designed to grow interest in science and STEAM, including a gardening module, in which family members work together to create a sustainable herb garden.

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