Unexploded Cannonball Found By Construction Crew

A construction crew was working on a new athletic center when they found an unexpected (and potentially dangerous) war relic.

Courtesy of United States Military Academy Facebook Page

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever found on a jobsite? 120-year-old scotch? A living, breathing, iguana in a toilet?

Whatever your wildest jobsite discovery is, it may have been topped last week by a construction crew working at the United States Military Academy at West Point. According to a story from the Times-Herald Record, the crew was working on an athletic center along the Hudson River when they unearthed an unexploded cannonball.

Whether the cannonball was left over from a training exercise or is a long-forgotten relic of a Civil War skirmish is unclear.

Upon discovery, an explosive ordnance disposal team (EOD) was dispatched to safely remove the potentially dangerous object. While it’s not a common occurrence, old shrapnel-filled cannonballs can explode without warning. A relic collector and restorer was killed in 2008 when a cannonball he was working on detonated, striking him and sending shrapnel as far as a quarter mile away. If you happen to stumble upon something on a job that looks like it has explosive potential, do not mess around with it and contact the appropriate authorities right away.

As can be seen from the image above, the cannonball was in remarkably good condition. The area was blocked off and traffic was diverted until the disposal team arrived, dismantled the cannonball and removed it from the scene.

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