A Look Into Homebuilding In Nashville (VIDEO)

It’s safe to say that Matt Risinger is fascinated by homebuilding. In this video, he travels to Nashville, TN, to talk to contractors and learn more about the innovative homebuilding practices used in the area.

Matt Risinger is a builder in Austin, TX whose goal is to educate people on the principles of Building Science in a practical way. Matt builds homes that are dramatically more energy efficient, durable, healthy, and comfortable than most new homes in America. He has a BS in Industrial Management and has worked in construction across the United States. Since 2005 Matt has owned and operated his own company “Risinger & Co.”, which has grown to 27 people. He loves quality craftsmanship and is proud to show off his crew’s efforts on his YouTube channel. 

Thanks for sharing your terrific insight and awesome videos Matt. 

Sloped Siding for Extra Waterproofing | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Slope window sills with siding

Even if you’re doing your best to follow all of the proper waterproofing best practices, water can still find its way onto the wrong side of a window. It’s a good idea to slope the sill in the rough opening to help unwanted water find its way out again.

You could slope the sill itself, which requires cutting the cripples at a slight angle and causes the sill to protrude a bit on each side. Instead, rip down and install a tapered piece of weather resistant siding. We used cedar. Make sure to frame the rough openings a little larger to account for the width of the siding.

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