Best Tools You Can’t Buy In America (VIDEO)

Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith share more of the coolest products they discovered at the Bau Show in Munich.

For this video, Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith of “the Build Show” take a tour around a trade show in Germany to get a look at cool, foreign tools that are not widely known in the U.S.

Matt Risinger is a builder in Austin, TX whose goal is to educate people on the principles of Building Science in a practical way. Matt builds homes that are dramatically more energy efficient, durable, healthy, and comfortable than most new homes in America. He has a BS in Industrial Management and has worked in construction across the United States. Since 2005 Matt has owned and operated his own company “Risinger & Co.”, which has grown to 27 people. He loves quality craftsmanship and is proud to show off his crew’s efforts on his YouTube channel. 

Thanks for sharing your terrific insight and awesome videos Matt.

Cortex Fastener Strips

Tool Tip: Cortex put the “fast” in its fasteners

Many, maybe most, of the deck builders we talk to absolutely love the Cortex Hidden Fastening System. The system is strong, won’t void warrantees, and looks fantastic (or it would, if you could actually see it… you know what we mean). But the love affair isn’t without its drama. Unanimously, installers hate dropping the tiny plugs, or having them roll and get stuck between the cracks. They don’t enjoy trying to match up the grain, or appreciate bludgeoning their fingers over and over. But what they complained about most was the fussy process itself and how much time it took. It’s amazing that a plastic strip could solve all those problems. Cortex is available now in corrugated strips.

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