Bridge Clamp for Routing

Hold a board in place for edge-routing with a bridge clamp.

Routing along the edge of a clamped piece of wood | Construciton Pro Tips

Here’s a slick way to clamp boards for edge-routing courtesy of reader Ken Peterson. It’s a “bridge clamp” that lets you rout the length of a board without stopping to reposition clamps as you work. You need a ratty workbench top you don’t mind driving screws into, a few 2-in. drywall screws and a couple of scrap boards.

Lay the workpiece and a scrap board side by side with a 4-in. gap between them. Set the “bridge board” on top so it spans the gap, then drive screws through it into the tabletop until the workpiece is clamped down. You’ll find this clamping method useful for other applications as well, such as ripping a board to width with a circular saw or holding boards for biscuit joining, drilling and sanding. It works especially well whenever your workpiece is shorter than the workbench.

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Originally Published on The Family Handyman