Build The Ultimate PVC Air Tool Rack (VIDEO)

Air tools like nailers and pinners are typically pretty bulky and can be hard to store in a way that doesn’t take up an unnecessary amount of space. In this video, Raymond Mower of TabLeft shares how he builds tool racks from PVC that make storing air tools much more efficient.

TabLeft Workshop 

Raymond Mower is a California based career software engineer, but his real passions have always been learning, inventing, and making new things. In his free time he tinkers in his home workshop in just about any medium he can get his hands on, and runs “TabLeft Workshop” (, a YouTube channel where he posts videos of projects and tutorials as often as he can. 

Thanks for sharing your videos, Raymond! 

Hydraulic lift table

Portable Tool Tip: Big-Time Back Saver

If you can never find helpers when you need to move heavy objects, get yourself a hydraulic lift table on wheels. The table works great when you need to get large projects from your workbench down to the floor. You may be surprised at how handy this table is and how often you’ll use it. It can handle 500 lbs! Use it to help load stuff into the back of your truck and for moving heavy tools, like planers, from lower shelves up to your workbench. You can even use it to raise and lower projects for easier painting.

Our only complaint is that the table only reaches 29 in. (many workbenches are 34 in.). You’ll find these available online or at tool retailers.

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