How to Advertise Your Construction Company on Your Truck and Trailer

A detailed guide to fitting your vehicle with decals

Back end of a trailer covered in decals | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Transport Graphics

Mobile Marketing

If you want to let potential customers know who you are, you must decal your vehicle and trailer. Your vehicle and trailer travels with you to every job, every day. It’s basically a mobile billboard for anyone curious about the people doing work in their neighborhood. A big plain white box on wheels, even one kept pristinely clean, does nothing to get you that next job. Here’s a guide to turning your truck and trailer into a rolling advertisement for your small business.

Create a Logo

A logo is often the first visual that someone has of your company, and first impressions are often lasting impressions. If your company does not have a logo, get one now. There are both affordable DIY logo websites and local pros that will help you design a logo that works for you. Best advice is to keep it simple but unique. “Your company name” inside an outline of a house has been done to death. To get some inspiration, go check out the logos of businesses similar to yours or businesses that you admire.

Sprinter van that has been decaled | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Transport Graphics

Tagline Ideas

Your tagline is just as important as your logo. It tells potential clients what exactly it is that you do and what sets you apart from everybody else. Your tagline might be the reason your customers ultimately choose your service. Taglines can be fun, informational or inspirational, but should also be clear and to the point. Don’t make people guess what you do. People driving by your vehicle and logo will only have a second or two to digest your message, so make it perfectly clear.

Here are some examples of clear, concise headlines:

  • Headache-Free Remodeling and Maintenance
  • Professional, Affordable & Tidy Painters
  • Plumbing Repairs and Honest Answers.
  • Premier Plumbing Service & Premier Plumbing Quality
  • Electricians Who Love Old Houses
  • If Your House is Broken, Let Us Fix It
Designing a wraparound logo for a trailer | Construction Pro Tips
Courtesy of Transport Graphics

Ask for Help and Design Advice

Unless you work a side gig as a marketing and design professional, it is best to meet with a decal company and let their professional staff help you create and select the layout for your vehicle decals. Let them know what kind of work you do, what makes your company special and what kind of customers you are after. Based on your input, your decal company should be able to design a compelling layout that includes your logo and contact information. They should also have software that will virtually show what the design will look like on your vehicle or trailer. Making changes up front is much cheaper than changing things after the decals are installed.

Types of Decals

Individual numbers, letters, and cut-out images are less expensive than a full wrap decal, but your design options are dramatically increased with a full-wrap.

Decal Images

Adding an actual image of a project that you are particularly proud of sometimes works, but make sure that the design doesn’t get “too busy.” Again, that potential client will only have a few seconds to view your information, and you want their eyes to be drawn to your name, logo, and contact information.

Reflective Decals

Just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean you should stop advertising. Consider spending a little extra money on reflective letters and numbers, similar to the decals you see on emergency vehicles. The whole design doesn’t need to be reflective, but if you go this route, make sure at least your name and contact information light up.

Size and location

A fancy decal design is great. If nobody can see it, that’s not so great. Try to keep the most important information large enough so it can be seen about 30 feet away, and use a font that’s easy to read. It is also a great idea to apply decals to the back of your vehicle as well, so anyone stuck in traffic behind you can admire your professionalism and help spread the word.

How to Communicate Your Decal Vision

When you meet with your decal company, be prepared to discuss:

  • Who and what you are
  • The type of decals you want: cut-out or wrap
  • If you want to include an image
  • Whether you plan on installing just letters and cut-outs or a full wrap
  • Reflective options
  • Size and location of your decal

Remember, always view (and review) the design before committing to it.

Decaled trailer viewed from the side | Construction Pro Tips

What every decal design should include: 

  • Your company logo
  • Company tag line (including what you do)
  • Phone number, email, and website address
  • Location or service area
  • A DOT number (if required)
  • A license number (if required)

Advertising and branding are important

Your vehicle and trailer are often the face of your company in the eyes of potential clients. Adding professional, compelling advertising to your vehicles is a no-brainer. So ditch the white box and the door magnets and take your game up a notch. Professionally done vehicle decaks could become one of your best sources of business leads. One more thing, keep your vehicles clean. Nothing says “unprofessional” more than a poorly maintained vehicle.

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Thanks to the experts at Transport Graphics for sharing their knowledge and images.