A Good Way to Cut Plastic Laminate

My favorite method for cutting plastic laminate to size is the table saw with a crosscutting blade. But you shouldn’t try it with just the table saw fence. Laminate is so thin that it always finds its way under the fence and gets trapped during the cut. Kickbacks are likely and dangerous; if the laminate kicks up, it can cut like a machete.

Here’s what to do instead. Pick up a short section of 1-1/2-inch aluminum angle for about $15 at the home center. Chamfer the in-feed end slightly with a file to keep it from catching on the laminate. Then just clamp it to the fence and cut away. Be sure to allow for the thickness when you’re setting the width, though. And don’t use steel angle. It has a rounded inside corner, which will cause the laminate to curl as you cut. — Travis Larson

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Originally Published on The Family Handyman