PRO TIP: Simple Drawer Pull Layout (VIDEO)

In this video Raymond Mower of TabLeft shares a simple trick for centering a two-post drawer pull. This tip is invaluable for anyone who ever works with cabinet hardware. First measure the center-to-center width of the drawer pull that needs to be installed. That measurement can be a range of numbers but in this case let’s say it’s four inches. Next you mark in from the corners that same distance (four inches). After that it’s a simple matter of using a straightedge to draw a line connecting each corner to the mark on the opposite side. The two places where the marks intersect are the exact locations to place you drawer pull. You better just watch the video.

TabLeft Workshop

Raymond Mower is a California based career software engineer, but his real passions have always been learning, inventing, and making new things. In his free time he tinkers in his home workshop in just about any medium he can get his hands on, and runs “TabLeft Workshop” (, a YouTube channel where he posts videos of projects and tutorials as often as he can.

Thanks for sharing your videos, Raymond!