Do What Ya Gotta Do Vol. 1

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done. Here are a bunch of examples of pros who made the best of a less than ideal situation.

Stay Weather Proof

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Rain or shine

There's almost nothing worse than getting all set up for a job and having rain cut your work day short. To avoid this I always keep a canopy in my truck. It doesn't take up a ton of room, sets up fast and costs less than $60.

Submitted by John Jones (@jjonescarpentry)


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Draw a perfect circle with a recip blade

Need to scribe a circle and have no compass? Use the grooves in a reciprocating saw blade as a guide to spin it the perfect circle in any size you need.

Submitted by @carpentrybymar

Flaming Auger

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An early thaw

The place I rented the auger from said that there was no way I’d get these holes dug in the frozen ground…Never doubt a man on a mission.

Submitted by Luke Arnott (@tatoosbylukearnott)

Plug Stripped Holes

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Plug stripped screw holes

This is an oldie but a goody, but I thought I'd share anyway. The framer that installed this service door got a little aggressive with his drill and stripped out the wood. Solution: jam in some toothpicks or wood splinters and glue in the hole and then run the screw again. Problem solved!

Submitted by Steve Matt (@stevematt95)

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No dowel screws? No problem!

The connection ends up being strong enough to where I can't turn it further, even using all my strength. It's very strong as long as the posts are something harder than poplar or other soft woods, which will strip out.

Submitted by Rem Rogers (@shiloh_woodworks)

Wrench Trick

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Leverage booster

Need to get just a little more torque on a particularly sticky bolt? Try this!

Submitted by Craig (@publiusvq35)

Sketchy Pick Axe Handle

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Never give up on your tools

Handle broke on the pickaxe, but there was more work to be done, so the boys improvised with a 2x4. Well done, guys.

Submitted by Steve (@builttoughtooltalk)


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Always be prepared

In fairness the plunger on this 21ga. has seen about 150 houses and tens of thousands of nails. Remove four screws, and 5 minutes later I'm back up and running. I always carry extra plungers for the occasional emergency field repair. I hate stopping for a day for something so small.

Submitted by @toolzilla

Open Windows to Get Cuts

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Open a window

When you're working in a confined space like an upstairs bedroom, it can be tough to maneuver long base boards. Opening up a window gives you all the space you need to operate. Just make sure that the board doesn't slide off of your saw and out the window when you're done making your cut.

Submitted by Charlie (@CK_Construction)

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Aluminum soffit drilling trick

When drilling holes in aluminum soffits, run the drill in reverse, or else you’ll destroy the aluminum.

Submitted by Casey Grey (@caseyagrey)

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Make your truck work for you

I use the back of my truck as an out feed for my table saw. It's the perfect height, and it sets up as fast as dropping a tailgate!

Submitted by Rob Rein (@gingerwoodworks)

Drill Trick

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When you don't have a dry core masonry bit handy but need to pass thru a block wall. Fortunately it was not filled core-filled:)

Submitted by Dan S (@DCS_Contracting)

Clamp to Get Spacing

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Clever clamping

I needed to close a gap on the spacing of this deck. Just took a little bit of thinking outside the box to come up with the solution.The clamp let me get all the pressure I needed and the whole set up was easy to remove.

Submitted by (@drawandconstruct)

Longer Levels

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A longer level

Need a longer level? Well, with a couple of clamps you can make that happen.

Submitted by Jeff West (@westcowoodworks)

User Submitted Makeshift Butter Knife

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A guys gotta eat

Ever get to work and realize with a cold, sinking feeling that you forgot to pack a butter knife? Here’s one solution. Warning: not a germaphobe approved method!

Submitted by Cedric Smith (@haltsooi)