Everything To Know About Survey Stakes and Markers (VIDEO)

In this video, Scott Wadsworth talks about how survey stakes and markers serve as an essential communication tool for builders and contractors.

Essential Craftsman 

Essential Craftsman videos feature Scott Wadsworth. Scott started working as a craftsman in 1974. His career has encompassed logging, saw milling, guiding elk hunters, production framing, commercial concrete, steel fabrication, blacksmithing, and every aspect of residential carpentry and contracting. Scott has been married to his high school sweetheart Kelly Comerford for 39 years. They have four children and ten grandchildren. His son Nate handles the video production and whip-cracking side of Essential Craftsman.   

Thanks for sharing your terrific videos with Construction Pro Tips Scott! 

Making sure concrete forms are straight and true | Construction Pro TipsConstruction Pro Tips
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Keep forms straight

Stretch a string between two screws installed at the edge of both ends of the form boards. The string will act as a guide to keep the form boards straight. Set the forms at the proper height before bringing in the last lift. That way you can use the forms themselves as a guide for the final base height.

Every concrete slab should have a minimum slope of 1/8 in. per foot to keep water from pooling. If the proper slope can’t be met down to the curb, angle the slab to one side or the other so the water runs off in the same direction as the natural grade of the yard.

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