The BEST Hole Saw For Cutting Metal (VIDEO)

The right kind of hole saw can slice through metal with ease. But which one does it best?

In this episode of “The Build Show With Jordan Smith”, Jordan shares his opinions on which hole saw makes the perfect tool for cutting through metal. Curious which one he chose? Watch the video above!

Jordan Smith

Jordan is a home builder in Austin Texas.  He currently works with Matt Risinger on “The Build Show” and leads the steel and carpentry crews for Risinger Homes. He and his wife, Veronica, have 4 kids and enjoy designing, building, and remodeling together as a family. When he is not busy building or filming, Jordan can be found sitting alone, outside of his house in his pickup, scrolling though Instagram, while his family waits for him to come in for dinner.

A hole saw with worn-out teeth | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Hole Saw Pro Tip: Don’t struggle with worn-out saws

Like any other cutting tool, a hole saw will get dull with use. If your hole saw cuts slowly or starts to smoke, it’s likely dull and needs replacing. If you’re adept at sharpening, you can give it a shot, but a new saw makes life much easier. More hole saw tips here.