Finishing Compounds: Products To Consider For the Task At Hand

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In our last blog post, we discussed several different types of drywall and when to use them, depending on the project-type and application. Now, the drywall’s been hung and screwed, the drywall tape has been applied to the joints, and you’re nearing the end of the drywall installation – what comes next is layering the proper finish.

While drywall finishing requires a mixture of experience and craftsmanship, some professionals may not realize all the joint finishing compound products made available to them. Many rely on general, all-purpose drywall finish, but there are, in fact, specific finishing compounds that are better, and more suitable for certain situations than others. Below, we take a look at a few different product varieties, and where and when to use them.

General, all-purpose finishing compounds

  • As a rule of thumb, all-purpose finishing compounds are ideal for a wide variety of jobs, and typically come pre-mixed, making them a great choice for DIY-ers
  • All-purpose compounds can be applied with each coat for an average drying period, depending upon indoor temperature and humidity
  • However, these products may not have as strong of a bond as alternative options
  • For lighter, smaller projects with quick clean-up, consider using products with a special formula designed to reduce airborne dust, like CertainTeed Gypsum’s Easi-Fil® Dust Away®

Heavy-fill compounds

  • Heavy-fill finishing compounds are preferred when an exceptional bond is necessary
  • Due to the product’s composition, heavy-fill compounds are not easily sanded and may have a longer setting time, which can alter the project’s timeline if not accounted for
  • Heavy-fill finishing compounds are ideal for areas where a strong bond is required, but sanding isn’t necessary
  • Products like CertainTeed Gypsum’s Easi-Fil® Heavy Repair 90 come premixed, with a strong bond for a durable, reliable finish with each coat

For areas prone to moisture and mold exposure:

  • For certain products, moisture and mold protection need not stop with the insulation. Consider finding a finishing product that’s specially formulated to resist water buildup and reduce the likelihood of mold
  • These products are ideal for areas bathrooms, kitchens and basements
  • CertainTeed Gypsum offers its M2Tech® 90 Moisture and Mold Resistant Setting Compound for a full, moisture-resistant interior system
  • As an added benefit, apply this type of finish over a moisture-and-mold-resistant gypsum board for maximum defense against unwanted moisture intrusion

For exterior projects:

  • For commercial and exterior projects not directly exposed to weather, consider using a high-performance, long-lasting finishing compound for added protection
  • These types of compounds can be added to concrete surfaces, garages, exterior soffits, or outdoor walls covered by a shelter or overhang
  • CertainTeed Gypsum offers its EXTREME All-Purpose Joint Compound for such instances, which comes with added moisture and mold protection

For a textured, decorative finish:

  • For projects requiring a textured, decorative appearance, consider using a finishing compound specifically made for easy contortion and modeling. Typical projects requiring a textured appearance include hotels, multi-family housing, and residential homes
  • These textured products are acrylic-based, easily shaped, resistant to scratch and abuse, and is non-abrasive to the skin for easy handling
  • These products are great when creating a variety of finishing designs, including orange peel, knockdown and splatter
  • Consider products like CertainTeed Gypsum’s EXTREME Texture Coat next time you’re applying finishing compounds for a textured look

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