How Floor and Roof Trusses Are Made (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how roof trusses are made? Jordan Smith explains the process.

In this video, Jordan Smith gives us a look on how floor and roof trusses are made.

Jordan Smith 

Jordan is a home builder in Austin Texas.  He currently works with Matt Risinger on “The Build Show” and leads the steel and carpentry crews for Risinger Homes. He and his wife, Veronica, have 4 kids and enjoy designing, building, and remodeling together as a family. When he is not busy building or filming, Jordan can be found sitting alone, outside of his house in his pickup, scrolling though Instagram, while his family waits for him to come in for dinner.

Very poorly done trusses | Construction Pro Tips

Truss tip: Follow the bracing diagram

The bracing instructions in your truss packet are not a recommendation—they’re a requirement! Improper or inadequate bracing is one of the biggest mistakes framers make.

Really tall trusses need to be shipped in two sections; they’re called piggyback trusses. In this photo, the bracing requirements were not followed which resulted in big plate of truss spaghetti. Click here for more truss tips.