How To Build a Set of Deck Stairs (VIDEO)

Kody Horvey is a journeyman carpenter who has learned a lot over the course of his years in the trades. In this video, he explains and demonstrates how to build a set of stairs for a deck.

Up To Kode 

On his “Up To Kode” YouTube channel, business owner and journeyman carpenter Kody Horvey takes his construction experience and shares it with everyone who is looking for a better jobsite experience. Kody’s intention is to demonstrate those countless little details for specific jobs that many other videos leave out. Of course, there are usually multiple ways to do the same job. Kody just hopes that his videos can make your jobsite experience a bit faster and easier. Kody wants everyone to get better and do the best job possible! Especially the first time, because who has time to do it twice? 

Adding finished flooring measurement to tread height | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Stair-building Tip: Include finished flooring when laying out stairs

The highest riser (step) height cannot be more than 3/8 in. higher than the shortest riser height throughout the entire flight of stairs. Those measurements include finished floor heights. So mock up and plan for the final finished floor heights, top and bottom, before you begin doing the math and laying out the stair stringers.

Installing 3/4-in.-thick hardwood floors on a 1/4-in. subfloor will raise a floor height 1 in. Some carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring options are less than 3/8 in. thick. If you don’t account for those height differences, you could fail your inspection, and ripping out stairs is an expensive callback.

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