How To Get A Raise In Construction (VIDEO)

Everybody wants to get paid. In this video, Scott Wadsworth of “Essential Craftsman” shares some age-old wisdom on the things people in the trades can do to stand out and earn a raise.

Essential Craftsman 

Essential Craftsman videos feature Scott Wadsworth. Scott started working as a craftsman in 1974. His career has encompassed logging, saw milling, guiding elk hunters, production framing, commercial concrete, steel fabrication, blacksmithing, and every aspect of residential carpentry and contracting. Scott has been married to his high school sweetheart Kelly Comerford for 39 years. They have four children and ten grandchildren. His son Nate handles the video production and whip-cracking side of Essential Craftsman.    

Thanks for sharing your terrific videos with Construction Pro Tips Scott! 

Man taking a break on the premises | Construction Pro Tips

Bonus Tip: Take Breaks Off Premises

It goes without saying that no one was allowed to smoke in an occupied home, but some of our guys were smoking right outside open windows and the smoke would waft into the house. If subs wanted to smoke, it HAD to be off premises. Lunch breaks needed to be taken elsewhere as well. I could tell that homeowners were irritated when they saw a stranger sprawled out, taking a lunch break, on their expensive patio furniture. Josh Risberg, Lead Carpenter

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