How To Install Baseboard Around Outlets (VIDEO)

Trimming around outlets doesn’t have to be a pain. In this video, trim carpenter Richard McMurray shares his technique for trimming baseboard when outlets are in the way.

Finish Carpentry TV 

Richard McMurray, a native Texan from Fort Worth, started his career working for a company that specialized in the installation of crown molding. He developed a love for the trade, and after a couple years he decided to start his own company. His twoman team specialized in architectural molding installation. His customers loved the quality of his work, and now most of his jobs come from repeat business and word of mouth.  

Becoming a YouTube celebrity was not on his radar until one day in 2013, Richard recorded a short clip about 3-piece molding installation. He was hooked. That experience led to Richard creating his YouTube Channel, “Finish Carpentry TV.” The channel has since grown to over 100,000 subscribers and boasts millions and millions of views. 

Thanks for sharing your terrific videos with Construction Pro Tips Richard! 

Marking parallel lines on template board | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

How to mark and cut radius trim

I’ve never been good at math so when it is time to install eyebrow/radius casing trim, instead of reaching for a calculator, I just make a full- scale layout table. Drawing on a piece of MDF works best for me. Here is how I do it:

Step One: Draw parallel lines

First, I draw a set of parallel lines representing the inside and outside edges of the side casing trim. I space them the same width of my jamb opening plus 1/ account for the two 1/4-in. reveals.