How To Roll Perfectly Straight Masking Tape

Pull from the roll to get the tape perfectly straight

One of the trickiest parts of masking is getting the tape on straight and tight against the wall. There are many techniques; here’s one we know works great. Strip 8 to 10 in. of tape from the roll and use the roll itself, held tightly against the wall, to pull the tape straight. It’s a little awkward at first, and it may seem slow, but the results are nearly perfect every time. Use this technique wherever you’re masking at a right angle to another surface.

Rolling out strips of tape along an orange wall Family Handyman

Step One: Roll Out Lengths At A Time

Position the end of the tape precisely and stick it down. Hold it in place while you pull about 8 to 10 in. of tape from the roll.

Flattening a strip of tape along a wallFamily Handyman

Step Two: Lay the Tape Flat

Lay the tape roll flat against the wall and rotate the roll to tighten and straighten it. Slide your finger across the tape to press it down.