How To Solder Copper Pipe In A Wall (VIDEO)

Soldering a pipe in a wall is a tricky and potentially dangerous job. In the video above, veteran plumber Julio Caluori goes through the entire process in detail, walking through the most complicated aspects.


Julio Caluori has been a certified Canadian plumber for almost a decade and has learned a lot of plumbing techniques and tricks will serve you well. He has experience in both the commercial and residential worlds and covers a wide variety of subjects ranging from brazing to simply installing a toilet the proper way.  

Julio creates about 3-4 videos a month. He tries to make his YouTube channel Got2learn both entertaining and instructional. If you think his videos are great (like hundreds of thousands of other folks do), head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe. 

Don't be fooled by condensation | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Pipe Tip: Don’t Get Fooled by Condensation

In high humidity, a cold water line will sweat, making it almost impossible to detect tiny leaks. Here’s how to work around that: Run the water just enough to fill the line. Then take a coffee break while the water in the pipe warms to room temperature. When it’s warm enough, wipe the pipe dry and look for leaks. Condensation may also be caused by cold water in drain lines.

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