Avoid Blisters In Tape-Coat

In this video Kody Harvey shares a quick tip for making sure that you don’t get any blisters, or bubbles under your tape. The idea is to apply the mud thick enough on the tape-coat so that you can’t see the drywall beneath it, but not too thick that the tape gets wavy and floats too far above the surface. And don’t press so hard that you squeeze all the mud out from under the tape. You can spot voids under the tape when the tape gets moist on the second coat. Cut these areas out.

Up To Kode

On his “Up To Kode” YouTube channel, business owner and journeyman carpenter Kody Horvey takes his construction experience and shares it with everyone who is looking for a better jobsite experience. Kody’s intention is to demonstrate those countless little details for specific jobs that many other videos leave out. Of course, there are usually multiple ways to do the same job. Kody just hopes that his videos can make your jobsite experience a bit faster and easier. Kody wants everyone to get better and do the best job possible! Especially the 1st time because who has time to do it twice?

Thanks for sharing your videos, Kody!