Cut-in Tips From Painting Pros

Paint like a pro

In this video, “the Idaho Painter” himself, Chris Berry, demonstrates five ceiling cut in tips with a little help from his colleague Journeyman John. Getting nice, straight lines is a great way to show off your painting prowess. On the flip side of that, nothing says “amateur painter” like sloppy cut ins. Watch this video to learn how to paint like a pro!


Chris Berry started The Idaho Painter YouTube channel as a way to help out some of his painting clients who were trying to paint some things themselves. Little did he know that this little side project he started would take off to become a primary source on YouTube for painting tips, tricks, and training. Chris has a passion for painting and helping other people to fall in love with painting. He holds multiple degrees in Urban Planning and Network Administration and has a background in law enforcement. Even with extensive experience in other sectors of business, Chris has found that through painting he gets to constantly exceed the expectations of his clients, make people happy, and innovate new approaches to an old craft. He has over 25 years of experience in the painting and building trades, which he expertly shares on The Idaho Painter.

Thanks for sharing your videos, Chris!