The Right Way To Router Drywall Out Of An Opening

In this video, Kody Horvey shows the proper way to router drywall over an opening. He points out that going in the right direction, whether that’s clockwise of counterclockwise, will allow the router to move more naturally through the drywall. Going in the wrong direction forces the router to fight against the drywall and make the job a lot harder than it needs to be.

Up To Kode

On his “Up To Kode” YouTube channel, business owner and journeyman carpenter Kody Horvey takes his construction experience and delivers it for all who want a better jobsite experience. There’s a ton of little details to know when doing specific jobs and Kody’s intention is to demonstrate and show you what every one else leaves out. Of course, there are multiple ways to do the same job; Kody just hopes that his videos can make your jobsite experience a bit faster and easier. Plus we want you to do the best job possible! Especially the 1st time, because who has time to do it twice?

Thanks for sharing your videos, Kody!