What Is Wet Shimming & Does It Work?

In this video, Sal Diblassio shows how wet-shimming, the method of applying thin-set to wall studs in the place of shims, can be very effective.

In this video, Sal Diblasi showcases the process of “wet shimming” and how effective the method can be. Wet shimming is when a bead of thin-set is applied to a wall stud, creating a flat and even wall without the need for shims. Sal is a big believer in wet shimming and shows in this video how the method creates level walls.

Sal DiBlasi

Slavatore “Sal” DiBlasi has been in the flooring trade since 1984. He started out installing ceramic tile, VCT tile, Carpet, hard wood, and many other types of flooring surfaces. In about 1989, he decided it was time to work for himself and started out on his own. Sal has been self-employed in the Boston North Shore area ever since. He is a believer in doing things right and never cutting corners or rushing to finish a job.

Sal originally uploaded videos to his YouTube channel so that he could embed them onto his website, to show off his work and attract new customers. At some point he saw that he was getting quite a few views and decided to go with it and create some how-to videos. That was about 5 years ago. Now he has just shy of 700 videos.

Thanks for sharing your videos and experience, Sal!