Forklift misfortune

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Forklift misfortune

I'm sitting here trying to figure out just how this went down. This is one of those things that are so awesome you can't help but share it. Texting and forklift operating?

Submitted by Eric Aune (@mechanicalhub)


A post shared by Tailored Mechanical (@tailoredmechanical) on Oct 29, 2017 at 3:39pm PDT

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"I change my filter every month I'm very meticulous about It, and I never forget." Please, never lie to your HVAC guy, we can see right through you (but not your filter).

Submitted by @tailoredmechanical

Garage Rot

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Rot repair and termites, not something everyone wants to deal with. That's the way it goes sometimes, and for this small garage at least it was a small patch rather than a huge structural ordeal. I was able to remove the rotten framing and replaced it with new studs with the help of my new @dewalttough 20v miter saw.  With some fresh doors this garage looks, and will hold up, like new.

Submitted byTyler Homes (@holmesimprovement)

Water problems

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Water problems

I think we found the source of the leak.........

Submitted by Dane Stevenson (@arkwrightconstruction)

Insulator misstep

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Insulator misstep

Thanks, insulation guy. Insulator hulk smashes his way through the attic. Taper isn't going to be able to fix it this time!

Submitted by @dayoneconstruction

Design is important

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Design is important

This is what we in the business call a "design mistake."

Submitted by @paradisiac_inc

More rot

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More rot

Always love opening up a wall to find hidden surprises. Looks like I have some rot repair to do.

Submitted by Adam Delaney (@adelaney17)

Why won't my tub drain?

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Why won't my tub drain?

PSA: Steel drain lines can get very plugged up from buildups of rust and other residual matter.

Submitted by Steven Stohlman (@done_right_home_solutions)

Down the drain?

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Down the drain

Holy Heck! 4” kitchen stack, brand new building, completely caked with grease from kitchens!!!!! People, listen... don’t pour grease down drains - this is what you’re doing !!!

Submitted by @powerjetplumbing

Art is in the eye of the beholder

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Art is in the eye of the beholder

Finished art project. It's abstract. You probably wouldn't understand.

(WOW that carried on for some time. Off brand spray foam cans might just result in something like this... I guess you get what you pay for...)

Submitted by Brad Near (@knarlycarl)


Mold Decor

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Mold Decor...It's a Growing Trend

This is seriously gross, folks.

Submitted by Rochester Environmental (@rochesterenv)

It's common to find something of interest when you open up a wall. But not all finds are positive!

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Homeowner, we have a problem

Not the bees

Submitted by Ed M. (@tradesman_41)


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