New Products Make Painting Safer (VIDEO)

In this video, Chris “The Idaho Painter” Berry talks with an industry expert about painting with Renner’s new water-based self sealing cabinet coatings, a new, safer way to paint kitchen cabinets.

The Idaho Painter 

Chris Berry started The Idaho Painter YouTube channel as a way to help out some of his painting clients who were trying to tackle some paint projects on their own. Little did he know that this little side project he started would take off to become a primary source on YouTube for painting tips, tricks, and training. Chris has a passion for painting and helping other people to fall in love with painting. He holds multiple degrees in Urban Planning and Network Administration and has a background in law enforcement. Even with extensive experience in other sectors of business, Chris has found that through painting he gets to constantly exceed the expectations of his clients, make people happy, and innovate new approaches to an old craft. He has over 25 years of experience in the painting and building trades, which he expertly shares on The Idaho Painter. 

Man laying paper onto countertops | Construction Pro Tips
The Family Handyman

Protect Countertops With Rosin Paper

Painting cabinets is a messy job, as you learn how to paint kitchen cabinets, the last thing you want is paint all over your countertops  An easy way to protect your countertops, backsplash and floor is to cover them with inexpensive rosin or brown builder’s paper. A common roll size is 35-in.-wide by 140-ft.-long. When you’re done in the kitchen, you’ll have plenty of paper left for future painting projects after you find the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

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