Next Time, Hire a Pro Vol. 4

Gross Bathroom Demo

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Underwhelming underlayment

Ripping out a bathroom today found some lovely work... Not ideal to use Contiboard in a bathroom.

Submitted by A.D.Payne Carpentry & Joinery (@a.d.paynecarpentry)


Socket Tool Rookie

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Rotary tool rookie

It's really not that hard to router a box... On top of it all this is the second job now working behind from these guys. The company should be called the Comedian Construction Crew because they sure make me laugh. But then I cry.

Submitted by @tuff_mudders_drywall

Joists cut

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Engineering nightmare

Ummm, quick question... where did all the trusses go??

Submitted by @hvachacks

 Splice much?

Yikes... Whatever it takes to get the job done, I guess? Next time, hire a pro.

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Submitted by @hvachacks

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At least the mudder was protected by the GFCI

At one of the best restaurants in Connecticut and I found this. I... I don't even know what to say,

Submitted by Stanley Savvas (@stanley_savvas_13)

Bad Tile Job

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Crappy cut-out

Today’s rant: When someone comes in to tile and claims to be a professional, and this is what you get. The tile that was used is a 3/4” 2’x3’ marble tile that are about $75 a piece and you use red permanent marker that would absorb into natural stone?  Was it hard to call a plumber to cap the toilet supply line? What professional tiler doesn’t own a 3/4” diamond hole saw to core a nice clean hole for the supply line? Like come on!

Submitted by Robert Cripps Construction (@robertcrippsconstruction)

Another bad tile job

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Need a bigger drain gate

Commercial tile sometimes makes me laugh so hard. Who looked at this and decided “Yeah, that looks fine”.

Submitted by David Scott Clark (@baristabuildingcompany)