Next Time Hire a Pro Vol. 5

Next Time, Hire A Pro

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Next Time, Hire A Pro

It’s true that not all homeowners can afford to hire a professional for each home repair and improvement, but not every project is DIY friendly. Sometimes calling a pro makes more sense and will save you money in the long run.

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 Why aren’t the clothes getting dry?

A vinyl dryer vent hose is such a bad idea on so many levels. A smooth metal dryer vent is the best solution.

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Chimney boot

Anyone see a one booted chimney sweep, send him my way.

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Bad bond

The installer who connected this bonding clamp and wire to the plastic jacket of the CSST gas line may not be entirely familiar with the properties of electricity.

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That's some bad framing

If you study it closely, you can almost see the progression of how this wall came together. Why it came together that way is another story.

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Sump pump insanity

Constricting the discharge line with a garden hose will kill your sump pump. Dumping the water into a house drain will kill your wallet after you pay the hefty ticket you'll get if your city ever finds out.

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Subpar stair stringer

Either too cheap to buy new stringer boards, or too proud to admit he cut them wrong the first time, or both.

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Unsafe switch

This is one switch you don’t want to fumble around for in the dark.

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The cost of privacy

This what happens when you don't plan ahead. Pretty impressive coping skills though.

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Door stop/smoke detector

It also helps hide the huge gouge in the ceiling caused by the swinging door.

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Downspout ductwork

The gutter guy said, "Sure I can do it." Yes that really is a downspout tied into the ductwork.

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Poor planning

A couple drawer extensions will fix that problem, right?

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The long way 'round

The shortest distance between two points is NOT this ductwork.

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Duct tape, the ultimate solution

The proof is in the plumbing!